Early warning signs of BFRB's in children

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hairrepair created the topic: Early warning signs of BFRB's in children
Hi all!

I stumbled across this article today on a great website called The Mighty and read an article with an interesting headline: "To the Parents With Kids Who Pick Their Noses ." That's every kid, right? Sure, all kids develop bad habits, but what this writer didn't know about herself was that her habitual nose picking was actually a BFRB manifesting as dermatillomania in the form nose picking. The Cliff's Notes version: she picked until she actually picked a hole in her septum.


Any form of BFRB isn't a joke and is a real condition that should be treated by a qualified physician and handled with great care and compassion. Be sure to look for any repetitive body-focused behaviors in your child and know that help is out there.

With compassion and gratitude,

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